Website ОО «BRPO» —
New Project — Corporate website ОО «Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organization» —

New Project — Corporate website ОО «Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organization» —

We are glad to present you our new Project - Corporate website PO «BRPO» - The main objective of the Project is to change the design of the site that agrees with the organization’s new brand book, to make it possible to expand the site to the Internet service and make it more convenient for the customer to add information to the site by installing a new content management system.

Features of the new project:

  • developed and integrated online service of online games that children, along with the watchers, go through the site step by step, logging in
  • complete redesign of the turnkey solution strictly in accordance with the corporate style of the organization
  • installed new content management system CMS Wordpress* — all elements of the front-end** (visible to all parts of the site) are connected to the most widespread free system in the world CMS Wordpress, which makes it easy to fill the site and reduce future maintenance costs
  • the site has installed and configured protection against hacking and hacker attacks , which nullifies the potential hacking potential caused by huge popularity CMS Wordpress
  • optimized the work of the content management system - removed unnecessary functionality of the system, added caching mechanisms for content to speed up loading pages of the site and much more
  • responsive design (mobile version) allows you to conveniently view the site on any device of any resolution
  • all content from the old site has been completely transferred to the new
  • a powerful visual editor Visual Composer allows the site owner to not only add content, but also independently design pages with complex content and a custom grid

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* CMS (content management system, "SUS") - software for convenient management and creation of site content.