Website for LLC «Market League» —
New Project — Corporate website LLC «Market League» —

New Project — Corporate website LLC «Market League» —

And one more New Project in the piggy bank of our studio - Corporate web-site for LLC “Market League” (network “Duty Free” in Belarus) - The new Website is simple on the first look, but inside it contains powerful functionality - Catalog, which will be activated by the company when the time comes.

Due to the addition of a product catalog to the site , Market League LLC will be able to independently expand the site in the near future by adding a huge amount of content with detailed product information to it, thereby increasing the benefit of the site for potential buyers.

Since the company Market League sells goods through duty free stores (Duty Free) in Belarus, a dynamic map with all stores was specially developed for the convenience of users " Duty Free » and contact information for each of these stores.

Features of the new project:

  • 3-in-1 complete redesign of turnkey solution (corporate website + landing page + catalog site) strictly in accordance with the customer’s brand book
  • the site contains the functionality of the product catalog , so that in the future you can fill the site with useful content - a detailed description of the goods
  • created 2 language versions of the site - English and Russian
  • full site adapted for mobile devices
  • all parts of the front-end* (the parts of the site visible to the user) are tied to the world's first popular light and free content management system CMS Wordpress* the latest version, which allows the staff responsible for the site to easily and quickly change everything on it themselves without involving outside web developers

Link to the project:

Screenshot of the project home page:

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* The frontend is the part of the site that is accessible to everyone. In fact, this is the site itself - the main and internal pages that the user sees.

** CMS (content management system, "SUS") - software for convenient management and creation of site content.