Website for Belarusian Rowing Federation —
New Project — Corporate website for Belarusian Rowing Federation (BFG) —

New Project — Corporate website for Belarusian Rowing Federation (BFG) —

We have developed the New Project - Corporate (+ news) Website for Belarusian Rowing Federation (BFG) - New Unique design, a new interface and functionality - all this has improved the interaction through the Website of the BFG organization with its main target audiences.

A distinctive feature of the new project is that a section with all rowing sports schools in the Republic of Belarus has been added to it. Thus, the maximum economic feasibility of the project is achieved, since schools do not have to create their own sites and they can simply post their page on the rowing federation website.

Features of the new project:

  • unique design, both the main and all internal pages of the site, in accordance with the organization style
  • a special section has been created with all rowing schools in Belarus with an opportunity enroll in any school , thanks to which any school, especially one that does not have its own site, can get its own page, its own mini-site, and place on this page all that it needs - a description, location map, coaching staff , contact details and most importantly - the form «Enroll in school»
  • 2 language versions created Site - English and Russian
  • full site adapted for mobile devices
  • all articles, news and pictures transferred from the old site to the new
  • absolutely all parts of the site visible to the user (front-end*) are tied to the easy and free CMS Joomla! content management system! * of the latest version, which allows the staff responsible for the site to easily and quickly change everything on it themselves without involving outside web developers

Link to the project:

Screenshot of the project home page:

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* The frontend is the part of the site that is accessible to everyone. In fact, this is the site itself - the main and internal pages that the user sees.

** CMS (content management system, "SUS") - software for convenient management and creation of site content.