sales manager

sales manager

sales manager

We need a born seller who can sell snow to the Eskimos, sand to the Bedouins, and even the Website we developed to another web studio =).

And now seriously.

Nowadays, perhaps every second programmer who leaves on his own or not with his work and who considers himself to be a company capable of creating both a unique website design and perfect programming with layout, offers his services in the field of web development, and even SEO with SMM. Naturally, in the best case, he manages to do one thing normally.

Therefore, we need someone who can calmly and easily explain to customers the difference in ordering a site for $ 100 and $ 1,000. And in the end, sell a cool site for its price.

At the same time, you can use all our best practices - portfolio, knowledge of the technical department, etc. All this will help to make the deal easier and faster.

Important! There are no restrictions on bonuses to the basic salary (the sum of percent of sales).


  • preparation of commercial offers
  • work with incoming clients
  • independent customer search
  • making a sales plan
  • work with documents
  • bringing the order to the deal
  • additional sales to current or former customers


  • experience - from 1 year
  • knowledge of the basics and options for web development from A to Z (from idea to implementation)
  • basic marketing knowledge
  • knowledge of the basics of advertising
  • knowledge of the basics of sales
  • ability to find and critically analyze information
  • responsibility
  • stress resistance
  • teamwork
  • attentiveness
  • knowledge of English (minimum level - Intermediate)

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