Tech support site in Minsk

Tech support site in Minsk

Tech support site in Minsk

You can order technical support for a site in Minsk or find out the prices for the monthly website support service by calling us at phone +375 (17) 307-06-27, +375 (44) 474-20-25 or by emailing us mail .

About service

Tech support site is a wide range of services aimed at maintaining the site’s health and fixing existing technical failures on the site.

Imagine this situation - you urgently needed to make changes to the site, for example:

  • add slider
  • create a feedback form
  • change the internal structure
  • get professional advice on working with the site
  • or something else.

But you do not know who to turn to. What to do?

You need site support .

You can delegate the solution to all technical problems that arise with your site to our web studio. We will offer a wide range of technical support services for your site.

What is included in technical support??

The service includes the elimination of almost all types of malfunctions.:

  • website redesign
  • add software modules and extensions
  • editing internal structure
  • content filling (articles, photos, videos, etc.)
  • porting to a new CMS system (for example, porting a site to 1C-Bitrix)
  • mobile version creation
  • language version creation
  • creating a version for the visually impaired
  • add / fix slider
  • add / fix feedback form
  • add / fix photo galleries
  • add / fix video gallery
  • adding / fixing additional sections
  • cleaning the site from viruses
  • site hacking
  • website integration with social networks
  • setting attendance counters
  • and much, much more.


Payment for work performed occurs upon completion of work at the beginning of next month for the last month.

The cost of 1 hour of the developer is30 bel. rub.

The price for the revision will depend on its complexity and the time that will be spent on its implementation. At the same time, our employees will approximately estimate the terms, and therefore the cost of the work.

Below is an example of calculating the cost of work.

Task from the customer:

"On the existing site of CMS 1C-Bitrix. You need to fix the feedback form on the page "Contacts".

Developer rating:

2 hours.

Price for customer:

Before 60 bel. rub.

If you did not order any improvements during the calendar month, then the monthly fee for the month will be – 0 bel. rub. 00 pen.


  • free transparent and detailed reporting, both on the hours spent and on the work done, is available to you 24/7 on our Google Disk cloud storage
  • free hours of work of a personal manager who will communicate with you, advise you, receive tasks and monitor their correct and timely implementation
  • fast and high-quality execution of your application for maintenance or technical alteration of the site within 2 business days, and with increased urgency within 1 business day
  • payment upon work at the beginning of the current month for the last month

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