Website LLC «Golf Center» —
New Project — Corporate website LLC «Golf Center» —

New Project — Corporate website LLC «Golf Center» —

Our New Project - Corporate website LLC «Golf Center» - The main task of the site is nothing superfluous, a minimum of page transitions and most importantly - Unique design should convey the emotions of ease, presence on the field.

Features of the new project:

  • unique design , for both the main and all internal pages, created with a non-standard grid layout of blocks, vector graphics in layout and strictly in accordance with the brand book of the company
  • increased site security according to GOST STB 2105-2012 , thanks to the use of CMS* «1C-Bitrix: Site Management» in edition «Standart»
  • all elements of the frontend** (visible to all parts of the site) to the system «1C-Bitrix: Site Management» in edition «Standart», which makes it easy to fill the site and reduce future maintenance costs
  • 1 additional non-core language version created on another special domain
  • designed and integrated into the site mobile version of the site (responsive design) so that the site displays correctly on any screen resolution, perhaps any device
  • developed new site structure to achieve the accessibility of any page of the site with a maximum of 3 clicks
  • all the most important sections of the site are placed on the main page of the site for the convenience of the user
  • each internal page contains comprehensive information, that is, the site visitor does not need to go to subpages

Link to the project:

Screenshot of the project home page:

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* The frontend is the part of the site that is accessible to everyone. In fact, this is the site itself - the main and internal pages that the user sees.

** CMS (content management system, "SUS") - software for convenient management and creation of site content.