Children's Library System —
New Project — Corporate website (portal) Centralized system of children's libraries in Minsk —

New Project — Corporate website (portal) Centralized system of children's libraries in Minsk —

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Project - corporate site (portal) Centralized system of children's libraries in Minsk - The main objective of the Project is to combine information about all school libraries in one place, and also allow Children and their parents to book books, leave feedback and much more through the site’s personal account.

Features of the new project:

  • full compliance with GOST STB 2105-2012
  • catalogs of news, books and schools have their own unique design and functionality
  • Yandex dynamic map with all the children's libraries of Belarus, which are automatically added to the map when they are created in the administrative part of the site
  • Professional version for visually impaired is fully integrated with CMS * 1C-Bitrix
  • increased site security according to GOST STB 2105-2012 , thanks to the use of CMS «1C-Bitrix: Site Management» in edition «Standart»
  • all elements of the frontend** (visible to all parts of the site) to the system «1C-Bitrix: Site Management»in edition «Standart», making it easy to fill the site and reduce future maintenance costs
  • a separate language version of the site in Belarusian according to GOST STB 2105-2012 , for which all the functionality is also configured, which is located on the main version, for example, a dynamic library map, personal account, etc.
  • responsive design (mobile version) allows you to conveniently view the site on any device of any resolution
  • developed new site structure to achieve the accessibility of any page of the site with a maximum of 3 clicks
  • all the most important sections of the site are placed on the main page of the site for user convenience

Link to the project:

Screenshot of the project home page:

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* The frontend is the part of the site that is accessible to everyone. In fact, this is the site itself - the main and internal pages that the user sees.

** CMS (content management system, "SUS") - software for convenient management and creation of site content.