We are in the top 15 web studios in Belarus
We are among the 15 best web studios in Belarus according to Baynet Rating 2018

We are among the 15 best web studios in Belarus according to Baynet Rating 2018

Hurrah! Our ITG-SOFT studio tried for the first time on the Baynet Rating 2018 and immediately took 14th place out of 20 in the rating of Web studios, as well as 2nd place in the rating of Customer Loyalty and 11th place in the rating of Creativity. for the first time is very good, but, of course, we will try to rise higher.

Although we didn’t make it to the 5th or the 10th, we are still extremely pleased at the 14th place, since this is our first participation in Bynet rating as a web studio.

Another result is also important for us - the extremely high rate of customer loyalty .It is nice to know that we are not scolded, but rather praised and recommended. Thanks you! This confirms the rule one more time - Better less, but better .

We also want to express many thanks to the rating organizers , namely Anne Khodanovich and Sergey Skorokhod for having listened calmly and answered as detailed as possible our entire million questions before submitting the web studio to the rating =).

To summarize:

  • 1st participation of our studio ITG-SOFT in Baynet Rating
  • 2nd place по отзывам клиентов
  • 14th place out of 20 in the ranking of web studios
  • 11th place in the ranking of Creativity

Link to an event / article: https://ratingbynet.by/ratings/web/2018/

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