How much does the site cost?
How much does Website in Minsk cost?

How much does Website in Minsk cost?

How much is the site?

Web site pricing is always based on two factors:

  • how much time (hours) will it take to develop the site itself
  • how much does one hour of specialist work (programmer, designer, etc.) cost

The cost calculation is carried out according to the following formula:

Website Cost   =   The number of man hours needed to develop the site   ×   The cost of 1 person-hour developer

The more complex the future site, the more time will be required to create it and the more expensive it will cost.

The more experienced a specialist will be involved in the development of the site, the higher salary he will have to pay and, accordingly, this will also affect the total cost of the site.

What is the cost per person-hour of web development in Minsk?

In professional web studios for which website development is an everyday job, and not a way to earn extra money (as for students or people who are looking for themselves in a new profession), the cost of one person-hour varies from 30 to 50 BYN.

  • 30 BYN per hour - usually these are beginner web studios, developing portfolio and working up to 1 year.
  • 40 BYN per hour - an average Minsk studio with an office, a staff of 5-15 employees and a good portfolio - good value for money.
  • 50 BYN per hour - TOP Belarusian studios, winning studios of professional ratings and working with premium level clients (banks, retail chains, factories, etc.).

Why do all studios charge different prices?

Often, after sending a request to create a website in 5-10 studios, the client receives offers with a large price breakdown - from 1000 to 20 000 BYN. This is so dumbfounding the client that he simply does not know what to do.

Why is this happening? Why do different studios evaluate the development of a site with such a breakdown?

Reason 1.

The human factor in assessing the time (man-hours) that you need to spend on developing the site. Often, technical experts make the mistake of conducting such an assessment. The problem is further aggravated by the fact that managers, knowing about such errors, lay an additional percentage of the calculated value in order to avoid the “lack of" hours.

Reason 2.

The use of templates (a template is almost a ready-made semi-finished product of a site that needs only to be filled with text and pictures) significantly reduces the time required to develop a site and accordingly reduces its cost. Very often web studios send out a proposal with a low cost for website development, without saying a word in it that they plan to implement development on a template.

Reason 3.

By sending out a request for the development of the site, you sent it to the studio from different price segments. For example, the same technical task can be sent both to a beginner studio and to a premium studio.

How to choose a studio?

Studios send commercial offers in which the cost can range from several hundred rubles to several thousand. What to do? Who to trust?

We recommend the following contractor selection algorithm:


Choose 3-5-10 studios whose portfolio you really like.


Call the selected studios and check with them the cost of 1 person-hour of development and select those studios that are approaching the average price range, i.e. from 30 to 40 BYN per hour.


Make the most detailed technical task for the development of the site (you can simply describe the future site in your own words with as much detail as possible) and send it to the studios selected after the second step.


Studios in response to your request will send you commercial offers with their final prices for all work. Choose 2-3 of the cheapest offers.


Call the web studios selected after the 4th step and ask them if they can guarantee that those web developers whose work you saw in their portfolio will participate in the development of your site?

A studio that agrees to give your site to its best specialists and will be your contractor.

We hope these 5 steps will help you in choosing the best option.


* The template is a half-finished website with an already developed design. Using a template significantly reduces the time and cost of website development.