Keeping sites

Keeping sites

Keeping sites

The ITG-SOFT web studio provides website maintenance services in Minsk and Belarus. To obtain complete information about the monthly cost of services for maintenance and the procedure for conducting work to promote the site, you can contact us by phone +375 (17) 307-06-27, +375 (44) 474-20-25 or by emailing us mail .

What is site maintenance?

Site maintenance is a set of activities aimed at maintaining the website’s technical performance, its usability, the relevance of the information provided and the visibility of the website in search engines (promotion in Yandex and Google).

Today, the need for a website has appeared for both commercial companies and state-owned enterprises, however, not all organizations can provide a full range of work on their own for several reasons. The main reason is the lack of a sufficient number of experienced specialists in the labor market who are capable of performing these works.

To solve the problem of website maintenance, companies are increasingly attracting third-party contractors - organizations that have a staff of specialists (programmers, HTML coders, SEO-specialists, Internet marketers, copywriters) who are ready to quickly and efficiently provide these services.

Site Maintenance Procedure

The order of the site is a monthly repeating process developed separately for each organization. It usually consists of a series of actions, such as:

  • Listing suggestions for making changes to an existing website
  • Approval of the list of proposals from responsible persons (on the part of the customer)
  • Implementation of approved changes
  • Analysis of the results of the work with conclusions

Also, the customer company may set additional requirements for maintaining the site that do not require monthly approval. for instance:

  • CMS update
  • project search promotion
  • writing a certain amount of news
  • et al.


The cost of maintaining the site depends on the amount of man-hours that will be spent on the work on the basis that 1 person. hour. = 40 bel. rub.

If the service was spent 10 people. hours per month, then the cost that the customer’s organization will have to pay will be 10 hours x 30 bel. rub. = 400 bel. rub.

What CMS systems do we work with?

Today we accompany the most popular CMS systems in Belarus:

  • 1С-Bitrix
  • WordPress
  • Joomla!
  • OpenCart
  • MODX
  • Drupal

Contract and obligations of the parties

The service contract is signed for at least 3 months, but usually the contract is signed for 12 months and at the same time has auto-renewal until it is terminated. The customer pays for the work performed in the current month only at the beginning of the month following it, that is, upon the completion of the work.

Among the main obligations on the part of the customer, enshrined in the contract, it should be noted:

  • timely provision of content for filling a web resource
  • timely approval of the list of work for a month
  • timely payment

Among the most important obligations of the contractor, enshrined in the contract, it is worth noting:

  • Warranty for work performed - 12 months
  • correction of all deficiencies identified by the customer after completion of work, within 2 days from the date of the official request of the customer


  • free transparent and detailed reporting, both on the hours spent and on the work done, is available to you 24/7 on our Google Disk cloud storage
  • free hours of work of a personal manager who will communicate with you, advise you, receive tasks and monitor their correct and timely implementation
  • fast and high-quality execution of your application for maintenance or technical alteration of the site within 2 business days, and with increased urgency within 1 business day
  • payment upon work at the beginning of the current month for the last month

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