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Administration site in Minsk

Administration site in Minsk

Company ITG-SOFT </> Provides website administration services in Minsk and Belarus for more than 8 years. You can find out the cost of maintenance for your project, as well as find out the prices for other services, by phone +375 (17) 307-06-27, +375 (44) 474-20-25 or by emailing us mail .

Site Administration

Administration site is a comprehensive service aimed at maintaining the health of your site.

Today, not all companies have the opportunity to keep a system administrator on the staff, who can be assigned the responsibility of maintaining the site, and as a result, site maintenance is increasingly entrusted to third-party companies and contractors. Not infrequently, such contractors offer not only site administration, but also work on improvements, development of the project, expansion of its functionality, as well as work with content and content of the site, search SEO promotion.

What we offer to our customers?

Package 1. Administration of the site on the basis of a monthly fee - the client makes a fixed payment every month, thus buying a certain amount of developer’s man-hours. Moreover, if the client did not have time to spend the purchased hours, then they do not "burn out", but are saved and transferred to the next month. The minimum cost per month is 3 people. hour. – 90 bel. rub.

Package 2. Administering the site on the basis of payment for one-time improvements - the client addresses only when he has a need to finalize the site and pays only the amount of man-hours that was spent on his job (s).

What CMS systems do we administer?

We work with the following CMS systems:

  • 1C-Bitrix
  • WordPress
  • Joomla!
  • OpenCart
  • MODX
  • Drupal
  • and sites without the admin panel, made in pure PHP, HTML and CSS.


Price 1 pax hour. web developer = 30 bel. rub.


  • free transparent and detailed reporting, both on the hours spent and on the work done, is available to you 24/7 on our Google Disk cloud storage
  • free hours of work of a personal manager who will communicate with you, advise you, receive tasks and monitor their correct and timely implementation
  • fast and high-quality execution of your application for maintenance or technical alteration of the site within 2 business days, and with increased urgency within 1 business day
  • payment upon work at the beginning of the current month for the last month

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