1st place on Microsoft's IoT Hackathon
Our R-NOX team took 1st place on the Microsoft IoT Hackathon with the ZIVE Project Card

Our R-NOX team took 1st place on the Microsoft IoT Hackathon with the ZIVE Project Card

The first for our team hackathon was crowned not just with success, but with 1st place! The hackathon was held in the Hi-Tech Park in Misnka on behalf of Microsoft and was conducted in the field of Internet of things (Internet of things or IoT for short).

During the hackathonour ITG-SOFT team teamed up with the team R-NOX and as a result, the newly formed team achieved success. We were able to create and demonstrate through the web interface the operating principle of “smart iron” , namely the ZIVE radiocin monitor.

The principle of operation of the device is as follows:

  • ZIVE automatically collects data without having to constantly manually take individual measurements
  • ZIVE via Bluetooth transfers data to a smartphone in a special application where you can see statistics on the transferred data
  • data is gradually sent from the smartphone to the server when the device is on the Internet
  • the server accumulates data without reference to the identity of the person who collected it
  • further data can be processed and draw conclusions, for example, which area is more polluted and which is less

Link to the project: http://zive.itg-soft.by

Link to an event / article: https://www.microsoft.com/ru-by/iot-hackathon/default.aspx

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