1st place on TIBO-2016 - Website Noc.by
Our second victory this year on «TIBO-2016 Internet Award»

Our second victory this year on «TIBO-2016 Internet Award»

Second victory, urra! Now our web-studio has become the leader among web-studios in 1st place in the contest "Internet Prize TIBO-2016" . We are very happy about such a successful result of participation in this competition, since this our experience of participation in this competition, and the first experience, brought 2 victories at once for our web studio.

The Website for the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus, developed by us, took 1st place on the competition «Internet Award TIBO-2016» in the nomination «Sport, Tourism and Entertainment»!

We are proud that the administration of the NOC of Belarus chose our web studio to develop our new site and we were able to justify the trust placed in us by developing a cool site and winning the competition with it «TIBO 2016 Internet Award».

We also want to express thanks to the organizers of the contest , since this is perhaps the only competition in which participation for the sites of non-profit organizations is provided absolutely free of charge and the quality of the result is taken into account, and not, for example, the number of employees in the developer company.

Link to the project: http://noc.by

Link to an event / article: http://www.tc.by/exhibitions/tibo2016/news/3214.html


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